About ACN

We are the only clinic in Omaha that combines the physical manipulation or chiropractic with natural neurological treatments and muscle therapies as part of a total plan fo your full recovery.

About ACN

Dr. John McClaren has been in private practice in LaVista since 2002. He has received around 1000 hours in education from the Carrick Institute in that time. In 2005 he was conveyed a diplomate in Chiropractic Neurology from the CAGEN accredited American Chiropractic Neurology Board (ACNB) after passing an intensive written, oral, and practical examination. This title requires constant continuing education in order to remain current.

In 2012 the Fellowship program in Brain Injury and Rehabilitation began through the American College of Functional Neurology (ACFN). This was a program comprised of 375 post-graduate hours as well as a one week residency at the Carrick Brain Center in Atlanta, GA. A Fellowship examination was administered in June 2015, consisting of written, oral, and practical portions. Graduation ceremonies took place December 2015 and Dr. McClaren earned the title Fellow of the American Board of Brain Injury and Rehabilitation (FABBIR).

Dr. McClaren is currently accepting and treating patients with mild traumatic brain injury, post-concussion syndrome, and other conditions with a functional neurological model. These treatments are evidence based, non-medication approaches tailored to the needs of each patient as no two nervous systems and injuries are exactly alike.

Are Any Of These You?

· Chronic Headaches
· Chronic muscle tension
· Chronic back pain or fatigue
· Visibly bad or uneven posture
· Accidents involving spinal or head trauma (concussion or worse)
· Have been to medical Doctors who tell you you’re fine
· Doctor prescribes medicine, but when the prescription runs out you are back where you started
· treatment by traditional chiropractor or physical therapy but the problem comes right back